Pickup Delivery service

Pickup delivery service allows delivering your parcels to a collection place based on the receiver’s needs. You would need to integrate Pickup finder into your e-shop to allow your customers to choose a proper place of collection. There are several possibilities how to do it described in this document.



From March 26, 2018, the ID format of Pickup Points will be changed. The originally used six-digit number (e.g. 425590) will be replaced with a new format of the ID consisting of a two-digit prefix indicating the country (according to the ISO 3166-1 standard) followed by a five-digit number (e.g. CZ10040). This change will be relevant for all the options of integration mentioned below. The mapping of the original and the new IDs can be found at this link.

1. Redirection

Your order form (shopping cart) can redirect your customers to https://pickup.dpd.cz/?address=Město, ulice, PSČ&return=http://example.com/objednavka, where they can choose the nearest place of collection. After making a selection, the customer will be redirected back to your e-shop. Based on the customer’s selection, the following POST parameters are passed:

ID of selected place of collection; more information can be obtained through the API.
Place of collection name.
Place of collection address.

2. Web service

DPD offers to integrate through a web service. This method can be used in several ways. A sample of custom integration using PHP can be downloaded here.


A list of all pickup places can be downloaded from this address. The data is in the JSON format.

  'status': [returns 'ok' if executed well, otherwise 'error'],
  'code': [return code, 200 = ok],
  'count': [number of returned places of collection],
  'hash': [same places of collection in the same order have the same hashcode],
  'data': {
    'items': [list of all places of collection]


Another method is to download a single place of collection by its ID.

  'status': [returns 'ok' if executed well, otherwise 'error'],
  'code': [return code, 200 = ok, 404 = id not found],
  'count': 1,
  'data': { [places of collection data] }


A list of several closest places of collection can be downloaded from this address. The number of places can be altered using the „limit‟ parameter. The maximum is 100.

  'status': [returns 'ok' if executed well, otherwise 'error'],
  'code': [return code, 200 = ok, 1001 = unknown address],
  'count': [number of returned places of collection],
  'hash': [same places of collection in the same order have the same hashcode],
  'data': {
    'items': [list of all places of collection]

3. Integration into shopping cart

DPD also offers to integrate directly into your form using Javascript. The script requires jQuery framework and its input parameters are: a select box field to specify the pickup places location, and the address fields from the user.

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.0.0/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://pickup.dpd.cz/api/formIntegration"></script>
$(document).ready(function() {

Ulice <input type="text" name="ulice" value=""><br />
Město <input type="text" name="mesto" value=""><br />
PSČ <input type="text" name="psc" size="5" value=""><br />
Odběrné místo <select name="odberne_misto" id="dpd_shippingplace"></select>

4. Individual solution - Pickup list download

You can download the list of Pickup parcelshops for your own integration solution or just for Pickup list creation. The list can be downloaded in two formats: XML or CSV. We recommend daily updates to ensure you offer the most updated list to your customers. Usage of un-actual information can cause delay in delivery or return to the sender.

Updated list can be obtained on the links below:

5. Information for customers with own software

Customers using their own software are obliged to amend generated labels and shipment data before they start to use Pickup delivery service accordingly to the specification.

There is a need to print an additional label for Pickup delivery with full receiver address, as the main label contains Pickup address and receiver name.

There must be Pickup address as a receiver address in MPSEXPDATA file in row HEADER. New row PERS with the switch 4 (Pickup delivery service) and with full receiver address needs to be added.

More information about label shipment data structure can be found at http://www.dpd.cz/dokumentace/.

6. Particular places of collection allowance

If there is a need to allow just some places of collection, you can do it via creation of allowed (or restricted) PS IDs - depends on the way how the filter is used. Any restriction is applicable for the map.

The best to do it is using of the complete list:

http://pickup.dpd.cz/export/xml or http://pickup.dpd.cz/export/csv

Filter can be applied to column Company to create the list with allowed IDs (column ID).

Example: Only DPD CZ places of collection should be displayed to customer (receiver). Filtr is applied to column Company ensuring that only parcelshops where company name starts with “DPD CZ” are shown. List of appropriate IDs is obtained; all IDs not listed needs to be hidden when data is returned.

Attention: Regular updating of all places of collection is strongly recommended as PS ID can be changed in the future.